Tools In Focus: Ads Manager, Business Center, Marketing API

*This training is ideal for intermediate-to-advanced Agencies and Brand Owners of any size

Let's talk about tools – the tools that will allow you to build your marketing campaigns the way you plan them best. If you are finding yourself running an increasing number of TikTok campaigns amid increasingly complex client requests, take note!

In this session, our instructors will guide you through the three existing tools that can help you rapidly bring your marketing engine to life on TikTok. Prudently manage and take control of these tools – TikTok Ads Manager, TikTok Business Center, and TikTok Marketing API.

Join the session to shape high-quality marketing operations using TikTok's set of tools and processes.

Our Focus in July-August

In 2021, customer behavior has changed quickly, with work and lifestyles moving online. All aspects of your audience's living room, shopping space, and workplaces are moving online. Now is the time to meet your existing and new customers where they are – on TikTok. With billions of downloads globally, TikTok is Southeast Asia's most downloaded (social media) platform and has been the #1 downloaded app since February 2020. Join this July-August training series to understand the new online behavior.

Have you been overpaying on your existing marketing channels? Have you baked in a rainy-day marketing strategy? How can you meaningfully drive efficient growth through TikTok ad and marketing innovations? Leverage TikTok For Business solutions to retain your existing customers efficiently, keep your consumers happy, reduce churn, and acquire new ones profitably.

TikTok is growth-friendly for businesses of any size. Through our lineup of TikTok Ads Academy workshops, our instructors will focus on solutions to help you achieve efficient spending and efficient growth on the platform. Don't quit, don't miss out!

TikTok Ads Academy:
Ads Manager, Business Center, Marketing API

Thursday, 29 July 2021
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM GMT +8

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Zoom Webinar


Josh Tan

Product Strategy and Operations

MJ Foo

Product Strategy and Operations

Eva Zhao

Channel Partnership Lead

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